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Simulaids Z-Medica QuikClot Trauma Trainer

Part Number: 100851
Simulaids Z-Medica QuikClot Trauma Trainer at heartsmart.com
Simulaids Z-Medica QuikClot Trauma Trainer
Your Price: $411.95

Z-Medicaâ„¢ QuikClot Trauma Trainer from Simulaids is an economical training solution for those who work in an environment where knife and gunshot wounds may be encountered.

This trainer has been scaled to approximately represent the thigh region showing a combination of a knife wound and also both entry and exit wounds of a 9 mm gunshot wound. The simulation presents with significant tissue loss which can be expected in an aggressive assault environment that will require quick rescue intervention.

The simulator can be used with QuickClot Hemostatic dressings or related products to address large irregular wounds and the risks associated with large blood loss. The unit gives focused training on rapid packing and then later unpacking deep complex wounds.

Please note: This item is one piece. The image shows the front with a knife wound and a 9mm gunshot entry wound and the back with a 9mm gunshot exit wound. Measures 14.75" long by 6 inches in diameter.