Shop our complete selection of AED batteries for all AED brands and models. As AED batteries age, their ability to power your AED declines. This can lead to dangerous situations in which your AED machine is non-functional in an emergency.

You'll also want to keep your AED pads current to avoid issues with adhesion.

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AED Battery FAQ

How long do AED Batteries Last?

The amount of time an AED battery will power your device in standby mode (i.e. without turning the AED on or using it during a rescue) varies by make and model but usually ranges between four and seven years.

How do you check an AED Battery?
  • Check the active battery indicators. Look for a green blinking light or a specific "ready-to-use" symbol. If the light is red or the symbol isn't present, your battery is likely dead.
  • Listen for beeping. If an AED is beeping, it's a sign of a malfunction or low battery.
  • Check expiration dates. Expiration dates are commonly found on each device.
  • If the battery is dead, you can properly dispose of it here.
  • You can also order a replacement AED battery here.

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