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Simulaids Randy 9000 Training Manikin

Part Number: 9000
Simulaids Randy 9000 Training Manikin at heartsmart.com
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The Simulaids' Randy 9000 is a full-body training manikin constructed of polyethylene parts with stainless steel hardware, making it extremely rugged and rust-proof. This makes the Randy 9000 ideal for all types of rescue training, like Rapid Intervention Team (RIT), Combat Challenge, shipboard, heavyweight, horizontal rescues, or lightweight packing exercises like spinal immobilization. The Randy 9000 can be used in all weather conditions, in every imaginable environment.
Randy 9000 has a life-like range of motion in the joints, including bending at the waist. You can also add sand, water, or other materials to the various body parts to achieve the desired body weight, as long as you can empty the sand or water out of the parts. Additional weight can be added to the Randy 9000, 170 pounds more using water, or 250 pounds more using sand. With a base weight of only 68 pounds, Randy 9000 is easily transported and easily stored when training is complete. Stands approximately 6' tall. Three-year manufacturer's warranty.
Please Note: This product ships directly from the manufacturer. Please call for lead time.