• First Aid Kits First Aid Kits

    We offer an extensive line of First Aid Kits made to fit your classroom, gym, or offices needs and injuries.
  • Bleed Control Kits Bleed Control Kits

    Accidents happen and the best way to properly address larger wounds is by keeping a bleeding control kit on hand.
  • Anti-Choking Devices Anti-Choking Devices

    LifeVac anti-choking devices are a first and last resort when it comes to saving lives during a choking incident.
  • Fire Safety Fire Safety

    Fires can happen anywhere. Find fire extinguishers of all sizes here.
  • Eye Wash Stations Eye Wash Stations

    Students and staff are at risk of eye injuries. Providing an eye wash station can help prevent severe eye injuries.
  • AEDs AEDs

    16 people under the age of 18 suffer from sudden cardiac everyday, and AEDs are the only treatment.
  • AED Accessories AED Accessories

    Making sure your AEDs electrode pads and batteries are up to date is essential to AED maintenance and use.
  • AED Management AED Management

    AED Program Management is crucial in maintaining a proper AED program and helps comply with Good Samaritan Laws.
  • AED Value Packages AED Value Packages

    AED Value Packages include all the necessary products needed for a School AED Program.
  • Air Purifiers Air Purifiers

    Fellowes Air Purification Units & Filters removes pollutants and toxins from air, keeping students safe and healthy.