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Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor by WNL Products

Part Number: WLCRdM
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Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor by WNL Products at heartsmart.com
Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor by WNL Products

Practi-CRdM CPR Monitor by WNL Products

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The Practi-CRdM® Compression Rate and Depth Monitor by WNL Products is designed to measure compression rate and depth when you are practicing CPR on a manikin. The Practi-CRdM is worn on the wrist and will provide an audible “beep� if the chest compression depth is not within the range of 5-6cm (2�-2.3�). A red diode illuminates when the compression rate is below 100 CPM or above 120 CPM. When the chest compression rate is between 100 and 120 CPM (the recommended chest compression rate) the green diode will illuminate, allowing the student to self-check their compression rate timing. 

The flexible wristband is designed to fit any size wrist and the Practi-CRdM may be used with any training manikin. The unit comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which will last a minimum of 3-4 hours and may be recharged via a USB port. The charging time takes between 2-3 hours. Charging cable included.

The Practi-CRdM is an economical solution that helps protect the investment training centers have made in the manikins they own which do not offer compression rate and/or depth monitoring. These are the key elements the AHA has been requiring since January 31, 2019.

Quoting the section of the AHA announcement which is relevant to the Practi-CRdM and how it meets these requirements: The use of an "instrumented directive feedback device or manikin in all AHA courses that teach the skill of CPR." The device at a minimum "must measure real-time audio feedback or visual feedback on compression rate and depth."

The Practi-CRdM (WNLCRdM) fulfills this requirement for visual feedback of compression rate as defined by the AHA: A "device with a screen display that detects the rate of actual compressions and indicates visually whether to push faster or to push slower in real-time to meet AHA recommendations."

The AHA also states that AHA devices "…can be added to and used with existing manikins."

Here are some of the Practi-CRdM features:
  • Meets the January 2019 AHA mandate regarding the use of an “instrumented directive feedback device�
  • Easy to use with little or no special training of the instructors needed
  • Works With Any Manikin!
  • Measures BOTH compression rate and compression depth
  • Adjustable wristband fits nearly any size wrist
  • Economical - A fraction of the cost of buying new manikins or retrofitting existing manikins
  • Rechargeable lithium battery 3.7V and capacity of 90mAh via USB port 
  • 3-4  hours of continuous use on one battery charge
  • One year warranty