Celebrate Your Community’s Heroes

Nominate a Lifesaver

The American Red Cross Lifesaving Award is a prestigious recognition program that honors individuals and teams who have displayed exceptional bravery, skill, and dedication to saving lives during emergency situations.

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Instructor demonstrating proper CPR technique

Honor Your Community Members

The awards honor three different categories of individuals. The first category includes individuals who completed Red Cross training and are off-duty professional responders. The second category are individuals who completed Red Cross training but are on-duty professional responder individuals and healthcare professionals. The third category recognizes individuals who are not Red Cross trained but have made exceptional efforts in saving lives.

Nominating an individual from your community is a great way to express gratitude, honor exceptional individuals, and inspire others to acquire life-saving skills. It reinforces the importance of training and preparedness while providing a way to share and celebrate extraordinary acts of bravery.

Nominate a lifesaver from your community today.