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JL Water Resistant AED Wall Cabinet

Part Number: JL-1499F12-FBG
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JL Water Resistant AED Wall Cabinet at heartsmart.com
JL Water Resistant AED Wall Cabinet

JL Water Resistant AED Wall Cabinet

  • Made in USA
  • Fits All AEDs
  • 85 db Commander (audible) alarm
  • Identification Graphics: "AED" included (attached by end-user)
  • Full length stainless steel hinges
  • Clear Lexan window pre-installed in cabinet
  • Constructed of UV inhibited, Halogen-free fiberglass reinforced polyester.
This Water Resistant AED Cabinet is designed to accommodate all AEDs on the market today. This AED cabinet is constructed of UV-inhibited, Halogen-free fiberglass reinforced polyester. This indoor/outdoor AED cabinet is an excellent choice for covered outdoor placement, dockside and marine uses as well as indoor industrial use where dust or debris can be an issue. Suggested uses include, any outdoor area where at least some cover is provided to protect against direct heavy rain and sunlight as well as work-sites, warehouses and industrial facilities.
This outdoor AED cabinet is considered more water resistant then other cabinets and can protect an AED from rain and splash and humidity as well mist and dust but should not be considered to be completely "waterproof".
For outdoor placement we highly recommend a site not in direct sunlight. If placed in direct sunlight in even moderate climates the inside of the cabinet will rise to a temperature beyond the operating specifications of the AED.
Unfortunately we have not yet found or developed an AED cabinet (here in the U.S.) that can protect an AED from extreme heat or cold so until we do it is our recommendation that an AED be brought indoors during extreme temperature conditions.
Most AEDs will operate between the range of 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 122 degrees Fahrenheit however may have varying temperature ranges for storage. Please double check the specifications for your specific AED with your AED manufacturer or email us and we would be happy to help
This cabinet comes standard with the Commander Door Alarm which is designed to trigger when the AED door is opened and can be disarmed by using the "disarm key" (included).

Cabinet Dimensions

Width: 14"
Height: 16"
Depth: 6"

Window Dimensions

Width: 12"
Height: 14"
Depth: N/A