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TERi Androgynous Geriatric Trainer

Part Number: LF0430
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TERi Androgynous Geriatric Trainer at heartsmart.com

TERi Androgynous Geriatric Trainer

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TERi Androgynous Geriatric Trainer is a comprehensive male/female elderly patient care manikin for medical simulations. TERi has a more realistic look and feel that accurately represents the human anatomy. The manikin's weight is distributed more realistically than similar manikins to simulate a real patient for realistic lifting and carrying.

Each version is durable and affordable with upgradable items.
  • Geriatric Patient Care Trainer – General patient care, daily living assistance simulation platform.
  • Geriatric Patient Skills Trainer – Physical skills practice simulation platform with injection/IV, catheterization, cardiovascular and respiratory support.
  • Geriatric Patient Simulator – Comprehensive and complete simulation platform including patient monitoring capability.

PROM (Passive Range of Motion): Seating, Laying, Finger/Toe Manipulation with No Effort from Patient.

Intravenous, Injection, Subcutaneous Injection Sites:
Multiple Locations Equipped with Standard Arm IM Injection Pads.

Nasogastric Tube Procedures:
Placement, Lavage, Gavage, Feeding, and Suctioning.

Enhanced Aesthetics:
Soft Silicone Skin with Noticeable Normal and Cancerous Skin Moles, Stage 1 Sacral Ulcer, and Reddened Skin Folds.

Respiratory Support:
Manual Ventilation with Chest Rise, Oxygen Administration, Tracheostomy Care, Airway/Trach
Suctioning. Airway Intubation, Ventilation and Auscultation.

Grooming & Daily Living Assistance:
Bathing, Clothing Changes, Denture Placement/Removal, Hearing Aid Placement/Removal, Eye Irrigation & Optic Drops, Ostomy & Urinary Catheter Care, Hair Care.

Indwelling Male & Female Urinary Catheterization:
Includes Support for Urethral and Suprapubic Catheters.

Advanced Skills:
Urinary Catheterization, Enema Administration, Pelvic and Prostate Examination.

Please note: This manikin is intended to be used as an instructional aide for teaching purposes. The actual product may vary slightly from the photo.
Nasco Healthcare reserves the right to change product color, materials, supplies, or function as needed.

TERi Androgynous Geriatric Trainer features general capabilities carefully selected to support training and practice on:
  • Essentials of Patient Care
  • Movement Assistance and Fall Prevention
  • Grooming and Daily Living Assistance
  • Basic and Advanced Nursing Skills
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Emergencies
  • Configurable to fit unique training needs and budgets.

Dimensions: 5 feet
Ship Weight: 65lbs
Suitable for long-term facilities and emergency room training.

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Alternate Part Number(s): LF04300, LF04301, LF04302