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Sharps Container - 7.6L

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Sharps containers facilitate the safe disposal of sharp instruments once they have been used. Instruments, including needles, syringes, razors, lancets, etc., after use, possibly have been exposed to infectious or dangerous pathogens and must be disposed of safely and properly. Sharps containers can be found in hospitals, clinics, emergency departments, urgent care facilities, dental offices, anywhere injections and procedures requiring sharp implements are performed.

The Sharps containers are leakproof and puncture-resistant. They feature a wide opening and a counter-balanced door for easy and safe hands-free disposal. They also have a built-in needle removal feature. The container can be closed temporarily or more securely when it's time to dispose of and replace the container. Finally, the labels are detailed and comprehensive for easy directions. Safe for human health and for the environment.

7.6 Liter measures 44cm x 42cm x 45cm.

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