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PRESTAN Take2 Ultralite Kit

Part Number: PP-ULFM-600M
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PRESTAN Take2 Ultralite Kit at heartsmart.com
PRESTAN Take2 Ultralite Kit

PRESTAN Take2 Ultralite Kit

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PRESTAN introduces the perfect training package compliant with current AHA guidelines: The PRESTAN Take2 Ultralite Kit. This bundle includes a total of 4 manikins: two adult, two infant; equipped with technology to provide the most lifelike training simulations for your students. These manikins are designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring they withstand repeated use and rigorous training sessions. They are equipped with CPR Feedback Pistons, which help give students feedback on their compression performance. They are also made with a clicker 2.0-2.4 inches deep inside their chest, making it easier for trainees to know when to put the correct force into their compressions.

The kit also includes face-shield/lung bags and a durable nylon carrying case to provide secure storage and easy transport, which can help further expand the lifespan of your equipment. Manikins come with CPR Feedback and are available in medium or dark skin tones; or as a diversity kit (two medium skin tones and two dark skin tone manikins). Not made with natural rubber latex. Requires “AA” batteries for each manikin (not included).

The PRESTAN Take2 Ultralight Kit includes:
  • 2 PRESTAN Adult Ultralite manikins
  • 2 Infant Ultralite manikins
  • 2 AED UltraTrainers
  • 20 PRESTAN Adult Face-Shield/Lung Bags
  • 20 PRESTAN Infant Face-Shield/Lung Bags
  • Deluxe Carrying Case
  • 3-Year Warranty
Alternate Part Number(s): PP-ULFM-600M-MS, PP-ULFM-600M-DS, PP-ULFM-600M-MSDS