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PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin Diversity Kit - 12-Pack

Part Number: PP-IULM-1200M-MSDS
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PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin Diversity Kit - 12-Pack at heartsmart.com
Diversity Kit

PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin Diversity Kit - 12-Pack

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PRESTAN Infant Ultralite® Manikin Diversity Kit - 12-Pack. Includes six medium skin tone and six dark skin tone infant manikins.

The PRESTAN Infant Ultralite® Manikin is PRESTAN's most portable manikin. It is easy to transport, and it is also very simple to set up, use, and clean.

The PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin includes the CPR Feedback feature. It comes in convenient and lightweight single, 4-pack, or 12-pack sizes which makes for efficient training on-the-go. Adding to its convenience, the PRESTAN Infant Ultralite manikin uses the same face-shield/lung-bags as the PRESTAN Professional Infant Manikin. This durable manikin provides an affordable approach to CPR training, with all the quality and realism you expect from PRESTAN. This training manikin is fully compliant with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.
Available in medium or dark skin tones and in Single, 4-Pack, or 12-Pack configurations. Diversity Kits with both medium and dark skin tones included are also available. Each configuration includes a 3-year limited warranty. Each manikin requires two AAA batteries (not included) for the CPR Feedback Monitor. The 12-Pack includes a nylon carry case and three 50-packs of infant face-shield/lung-bags.

PRESTAN Infant Ultralite Manikin Brochure

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