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Pre-Owned Defibtech Lifeline/ReviveR Semi-Automatic AED (AHA2010)

Part Number: OUT-DCF-100-R
Pre-Owned Defibtech Lifeline/ReviveR Semi-Automatic AED (AHA2010) at heartsmart.com
Pre-Owned Defibtech Lifeline/ReviveR Semi-Automatic AED (AHA2010)
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Pre-Owned Defibtech Lifeline/ReviveR Semi-Automatic AED. Call or order online and receive:
  •  Defibtech Lifeline/ReviveR Pre-Owned AED
  •  AHA/ERC G2010 Guidelines Ready
  •  3 Year AED Outlet Written Warranty 
  •  Brand New Adult Electrode Pads
  •  Brand Defibtech Battery w/9-Volt for Self-Checks
  •  Printed Operator Manual
  •  FREE Premium AED/CPR Responder™ Pack, a $50 Value
  •  FREE "AED Equipped" Window/Wall Decal
  •  FREE AED Check™ Tag
  •  FREE Physician's Prescription
  •  FREE Shipping
This is a thoroughly inspected pre-owned defibrillator. We have upgraded this AED with the latest software (if applicable) and verified it passes its operational self-checks. We have verified there are no outstanding corrective actions pending on each unit. We will include a fresh set of adult electrode pads and battery (no aftermarket products). Includes a three-year warranty.
The Defibtech Lifeline AED is a durable, easy-to-use AED. Known for its robust and clear voice prompts, it also offers text prompting which will help you easily handle all of the critical steps in a successful resuscitation. A high rating for moisture and dust resistance means the Defibtech Lifeline AED can be stored in a variety of environments, from the passive surroundings of an office to the rigors of constant transport. Its intuitively designed interface has won several prestigious industry awards for simplicity and function.
The Defibtech Lifeline AED uses biphasic technology. It is pediatric capable when using the optional pediatric electrode pads. Data storage and retrieval is also easy with the use of readily available Defibtech data cards, which may be read in nearly any consumer SD card reader.
Additional options include a long-life "7-Year" battery pack, cases, cabinets, and more. This AED is still in production making accessories and support readily available.
Purchase one today and we'll include a fresh set of adult pads and new batteries. We also offer  FREE ground shipping of all AEDs to addresses within the contiguous United States!