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Philips AED Trainer 2

Part Number: M3752A
Philips AED Trainer 2 at heartsmart.com
Philips AED Trainer 2
This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please call us at 800-422-8129 so we may discuss your alternatives.
For training many responders simultaneously, HeartStart AED Trainer 2 is a more flexible and economical solution. AED Trainer 2 helps your responders learn to use FR2-series defibrillators in simulated sudden cardiac arrest episodes for an extremely realistic training experience. The AED Trainer 2 looks and behaves like the FR2-series defibrillators, but cannot deliver an actual defibrillation shock.
It is pre-configured with 10 realistic training scenarios, developed in accordance with internationally recognized emergency responder training programs. Voice prompts in various languages and additional custom scenarios can be configured using the optional programming kit (M3754A).
An optional remote control (M3753A) lets the instructor adjust the Trainer's volume, select a scenario, pause and then resume the scenario in progress to give instruction, and override the scenario to test how students respond to a variety of situations they may encounter.
The AED Trainer 2 comes equipped with one set of adult-size reusable training pads (07-10900), a quick reference instruction card, a user guide, and a carrying case.