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Philips AED Accessories | HeartStart Pads, Replacement Batteries & More

Once you have purchased an AED, there are several accessories that will optimize the performance of your defibrillator and help keep it maintained for years. Philips AED accessories are designed and tested with reliability in mind to ensure that your AED works properly when it is needed most.

Heart Smart supplies a variety of AED accessories for your Philips HeartStart defibrillator. With a wall cabinet for your AED, your defibrillator will remain highly visible and when opened will sound an alarm and strobe light to alert others to the emergency. To increase visibility further, there are several wall signs and decals to choose from.

To properly maintain your AED over time, some replacement parts will be needed. HeartStart pads should be replaced after each use or once every two years. Check your defibrillator to see the expiration date of your AED pads to know when to replace them. A spare battery should be stored with the AED and additional batteries should be purchased for defibrillators that are used often for training or demonstrations.

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