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Personal Protection Kit for Businesses - Restaurant/Hospitality

Part Number: AMP652
Personal Protection Kit for Businesses - Restaurant/Hospitality at heartsmart.com
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As low as $239.00/Kit
Personal Protection Kit for Businesses - Restaurant/Hospitality. These kits are designed to give you the necessary products that are needed in the world today to help protect your employees from exposure to potentially harmful pathogens. Each kit comes with non-woven 3-ply consumer masks, small & medium vinyl gloveshand sanitizer, and sanitary wipes. These kits are compiled to contain the suggested quantities of PPE needed based on the number of employees that need protecting. Make your quantity selection by using the dropdown window above.

# EmployeesFace Masks (50/pkg)Vinyl Gloves (100/box)Hand Sanitizer (8oz Bottle)Disinfectant Wipes (72 ct)
10 Employees 5 Packages 5 Boxes 10 Bottles 2 Packets 
25 Employees 11 Packages 12 Boxes 24 Bottles 4 Packets
50 Employees 22 Packages 25 Boxes 48 Bottles 8 Packets
100 Employees 44 Packages 50 Boxes 96 Bottles 16 Packets


Alternate Part Number(s): AMP6520, AMP6521, AMP6522, AMP6523