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Original Allergy Emergency Kitâ„¢ Lunchroom/Corridor Cabinet

Part Number: EN93
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Original Allergy Emergency Kitâ„¢ Lunchroom/Corridor Cabinet. This cabinet comes with nearly everything you need to be set up and operating (medication NOT included). As food allergies have become more prevalent, some common precautions must be taken for children with nut or other food allergies. Allergy Emergency Kit cabinets are designed to provide secure storage of emergency supplies, like epinephrine injectors or respiratory inhalers. Choose a locking or non-locking door in the dropdown window above. The locking door includes a hammer for emergency access. The non-locking door has a thumb turn knob and a battery-operated door alarm. Includes mounting hardware, signage, and laminated injector instructions.

Original Allergy Emergency Kit cabinets are designed to be hung in school lunchrooms, hallways, or other public areas as close to the point of need as possible.

Product Features:
  • Patent-pending secure storage of Epinephrine for public spaces.
  • Key access for access by authorized personnel.
  • In an emergency anyone can break the window for instant 24/7/365 access to Epinephrine. "Glass" is a proprietary safe material that breaks safely and easily.
  • Hammer is permanently secured to unit on a short chain.
  • Hook & loop fastener backing allows school nurses to customize kit contents based on the likely risks (adult vs. child) (asthma vs. food allergies).
  • Mounts easily to cinder block or drywall with included anchors.
  • Size: 13" x 13" x 4"
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

Please note: Epinephrine and auto-injectors are NOT included.
Alternate Part Number(s):
EN9337, EN9376