Arch AED Medical Direction and Program Management

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Arch AED Medical Direction and Program Management

Arch AED Medical Direction and Program Management

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There is a lot more to managing your AED than simply mounting it to a wall. Failure to manage your device properly could lead to violations of local Good Samaritan laws meant to protect you, exposing you to liability in the event your device does not function when used.

Managing your AED requires the consideration of local and state laws which may include conducting regular checks as specified by the device manufacturer, a proper post-event usage plan, emergency medical service notification, and may even require medical direction under a licensed physician. While this may sound like an overwhelming list for a single device, it could become more complicated when managing multiple devices spread across different buildings and states.

Arch Medical Direction and Program Management will handle all of the requirements mentioned above, and a lot more.

In the event of an AED usage, Arch includes:
  • A team of physicians oversee the implementation or use of AED devices and review the data collected to ensure the AED worked as expected in a rescue situation, then will provide a report of their findings
  • Free loaner AED while the data on your AED is being downloaded and interpreted
  • After the AED is used, data from the event is reported to required agencies on your behalf
  • A copy of the data report for your records
  • Free shipping of your AED and loaner AED
  • Replacement AED pads sent after documented AED usage
Other features and benefits included with your subscription:
  • Monthly AED check reminders with late alerts to ensure your AED is ready to rescue
  • Email reminders of upcoming expiration dates for AED batteries and electrode pads
  • Automatic registration with your local 911 call center for added confidence in case of an event
  • Automatic AED registration with your local Emergency Medical Services for "Good Samaritan Law" compliance (when required)
  • Online tracking of CPR expiration dates and certification status of your trained responders
  • Online access to your Policy and Procedures Manual