Law Enforcement

  • AEDs AEDs
    Police officers are usually the first ones on the scene of an emergency. Keeping an AED available at all times prepares officers to take immediate action in case of an SCA emergency.
  • Bleed Control Kits Bleed Control Kits
    If an accidentally emergency occurs and immediate action is needed, Bleeding Control Kits are the best way to properly address larger wounds.
  • CPR Kits, Masks, & BVM CPR Kits, Masks, & BVM
    If an AED needs to be used or CPR is performed, these kits will help prep a patient and protect you against some contaminants.
  • Emergency Oxygen Emergency Oxygen
    When used by trained responders, portable oxygen tanks can assist breathing and non-breathing patients.
  • First Aid Kits First Aid Kits
    Equip your department to handle multiple emergencies with our First Aid Kits.
  • Protective Equipment Protective Equipment
    Providing PPE to your officers will help protect them from injuries, serious illnesses, or contaminants they may come across on the job.