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Laerdal Trainer 2 Pediatric TRAINING Electrode Pads

Part Number: 198-80650
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Laerdal Trainer 2 Pediatric Training Electrode Pads have been designed to be used with the Laerdal Trainer 2, and will also work with the Philips Heartstart Trainer 2, the Philips HeartStart FR2 or FR2+ AED with Training and Administration Pack, or the older ForeRunner Training Unit. These Training Electrode Pads have a low-tack adhesive that makes them reusable. They're also perfect for use on almost any CPR manikin.

These are packaged as a set as pictured above. Not for use with the Laerdal LINK System.

Please note: These are NOT for defibrillation. These training electrode pads are for training purposes only.