What is SmartCompliance®?
First Aid that Provides Compliance, Convenience and Cost Savings
First Aid Only® first aid cabinet
  • SmartCompliance first aid cabinets redefine business and commercial first aid, with the lowest cost of ownership of any first aid program.
  • Organized grids with easy to manage and monitor individual refill boxes, eliminates overstocked and disorganized cabinets.
  • The SmartTab system makes it easy to replenish supplies, stay in compliance and save up to 50% over traditional van delivery services.
  • SmartCompliance cabinets are offered in a variety of sizes ranging from Medium (50 person) to XL (150 person) cabinets and are offered with and without medications.
FAO SafetyHub App
The First Aid Only SmartCompliance Requisition App

FAO SafetyHub simplifies supply requisitioning and keeps first aid cabinet details at your fingertips so you can stay organized and in compliance.

Innovative app features allow users to set automatic reminders for checking stock levels on first aid cabinets. The app provides easy-to-use tools for creating and sending supply requisitions to your preferred first aid supplier, company purchasing department, or another selected recipient.

Note: Please contact us for requisitions to be sent directly to our customer care team to be processed in a timely manner.

The robust management portal allows you to manage users, cabinets, and requisitions from a central location, where you can easily approve and send requisitions and access inventory, user, and cabinet data.

Core Features & Benefits
  • Adopt an automated approach to maintaining OSHA and ANSI compliance while avoiding wasteful overstocking
  • Enjoy management and reporting for users, cabinets, requisitions, inventory, and safety checks across multiple locations from a single, web-based portal
  • Send refill requisitions to the provider of your choice using email, EDI, and API options or other customizable app interfaces
  • Integrate directly into your own ecommerce or ERP system for streamlined management and enhanced tracking capabilities
Enterprise vs Standard Versions

Accounts with multiple users and cabinets can request access to the enterprise version, which provides expanded features and options designed for larger organizations.

Registration screen
How to Get Started

Getting started with the standard version is easy. Simply download the FAO SafetyHub App in the iTunes or Google Play store and register your first cabinet today.

Note: When signing up for the app under the “Company Group Code” input field enter in code HEARTSMART082021. This will switch you to Heartsmart account that will allow us to better understand which items you are frequently purchasing.

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