Emergency Preparedness Bundle

Part Number: LAY-W-ARC-KIT
Emergency Preparedness Bundle at heartsmart.com
Emergency Preparedness Bundle
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Heartsmart's Emergency Preparedness Bundle makes it easy for businesses to help be more prepared in the event of a cardiac arrest, breathing or bleeding emergency. This readiness bundle offers full online training in CPR, AEDs, and First Aid for members of your staff to help give them more confidence to respond in an emergency. Two bleeding control kits are included in the package which, unlike a first aid kit, are designed to help stop life-threatening bleeding until professional responders arrive. Each bundle includes two CPR Response Packs which are needed to help respond to an individual suffering from sudden cardiac arrest or a breathing emergency.

Bundle includes:
  • (2) Curaplex Stop the Bleed Basic Kits with SAM XT Tourniquet
  • (4) Online Training Sessions in  CPR, AED use, and First Aid for Adults
  • (2) CPR Response Packs