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Emergency Oxygen

Ship fully charged with medical
grade oxygen and ready to use

First responders know that oxygen can mean the difference between life and death for SCA victims. We carry a full line of first aid oxygen and oxygen related products provided by LIFE Corporation. You’ll find a selection of one-way valve CPR masks with and without straps and O2 barbs, LIFE Oxygen tanks, portable LIFE StartSystems, Oxygen packs and more.

LIFE OxygenPac LIFE OxygenPac

LIFE OxygenPac

List Price: $400.00
Our Price: $375.00
LIFE StartSystem, LIFE-O2-LSS LIFE StartSystem

LIFE StartSystem

List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $285.00
LIFE SoftPac

LIFE SoftPac

List Price: $300.00
Our Price: $275.00
CPR Mask & One-Way Valve (w/Nylon Zip Bag), LIFE-100-B CPR Mask & One-Way Valve (w/Nylon Zip Bag)

CPR Mask with One-Way Valve in Nylon Zip Bag with Belt Loop

Our Price: $15.00
CPR Mask w/O2 Barb & Strap, LIFE-102 CPR Mask w/O2 Barb & Strap

Mask, Valve O2 Barb & Strap
(for LIFE OxygenPac, SoftPac, and StartSystem)

Our Price: $12.50
CPR Mask & One-Way Valve, LIFE-100 CPR Mask & One-Way Valve

CPR Mask with One-Way Valve.

Our Price: $10.00

Founded in 1985, LIFE Corporation develops and markets medical equipment, specializing in CPR administration and portable oxygen equipment. The equipment produced by LIFE Corporation is specially designed for use by first responders before an ambulance arrives, giving precious seconds of life to victims before transport to the hospital. LIFE has maintained its commitment to producing life-saving products for 27 years and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.