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CPR Prompt Adult/Child 5-Pack BLUE

Part Number: LF06100U
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CPR Prompt Adult/Child 5-Pack BLUE at heartsmart.com
CPR Prompt Adult/Child 5-Pack BLUE

CPR Prompt Adult/Child 5-Pack BLUE

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This package includes 5 Adult/Child manikins packed in a durable nylon carrying case, weighing 18 lbs. It's perfect for group training, as it allows each student to have their own manikin for maximum practice time. The easy-to-clean heads are dishwasher safe and can be easily sanitized, and the lung bags are replaceable. The manikin features an adult/child age selector dial that adjusts the chest compression piston for learning adult or child techniques. Each manikin set is packed in a rugged nylon carrying case with a supply of 50 face-shield lung bags and an insertion tool. It comes with a five-year warranty. Note that when using foam-bodied manikins for AED training, only use pads designed for foam bodies.