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Blue Phantom™ Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Manikin

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The Blue Phantom™ Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Manikin offers realism, quality, and durability. It has been manufactured utilizing Blue Phantom's ultra-durable self-healing SimulexUS™ tissue. This compact central venous access internal jugular ultrasound phantom model provides superb ultrasound imaging characteristics and allows users to perform complete central line placements of the internal jugular vein including needles, guidewires, dilation, and threading of catheters.

The internal jugular central line ultrasound simulator offers superb internal and external anatomical realism. It has been developed using CAE Healthcare's innovative LifeCast™ modeling techniques. The external anatomy is present in accurate detail and the internal anatomy matches that of human anatomy allowing clinicians to practice and teach on this extremely lifelike central line manikin. The specially designed tissues will never clog the needle and will always image like human tissue without unrealistic ultrasound system settings.

The lightweight and portable internal jugular training manikin includes vascular anatomy with the internal jugular vein (IJ) and the carotid artery. Internal structures also include the trachea and clavicle providing you with superb realism when using any ultrasound system equipped with a vascular access ultrasound transducer. External landmarks also include a palpable suprasternal notch, trachea, and clavicle. The central venous access ultrasound phantom is specifically designed for teaching and practicing internal jugular (IJ) cannulation. The training model accommodates both ultrasound guidance and blind insertion technique. 

The vessels of our internal jugular central line ultrasound manikin offer tremendously realistic performance and the arteries and veins can be differentiated by their accurate positioning. The arterial pulsatility and vein compressibility allows users to teach and learn on this extremely realistic ultrasound phantom. Carotid arterial pulsation can be simulated using the included hand bulb and the internal jugular vein is compressible as you would expect to find in the human patient. The IJ central line trainer is prefilled with simulated blood - the arterial line contains red simulated blood while the venous system contains blue simulated blood, which allows for easy identification and positive feedback when the proper vessel is accessed accurately. Refilling the internal jugular training model is a quick and easy process using the included QuickFill™ access ports. High volume users can also attach an IV bag of ultrasound refill solution to the Luer lock located on the QuickFill™ tube allowing for continuous filling of the venous system.
  • Compact and lightweight internal jugular ultrasound phantom training model
  • The most realistic and durable low-cost per use central line phantom simulator available anywhere
  • Extremely realistic internal anatomy and external landmarks accommodate ultrasound guidance and blind insertion technique
  • Patented simulated tissue matches the acoustic properties of human tissue; optimize your training with superb ultrasound imaging characteristics
  • Our specially designed tissues will never clog your needle and will always image like human tissue without unrealistic ultrasound system settings.
  • Use with any ultrasound system and experience the same quality you expect from imaging patients in a clinical environment
  • Anatomically correct ultrasound model includes the carotid artery and internal jugular vein (IJ)
  • External landmarks include the suprasternal notch, trachea and clavicle
  • IJ ultrasound simulator accommodates full central venous access training via internal jugular approach; thread guidewires and catheters without resistance
  • Self-healing and ultra-durable tissue offers tremendous use; perform central line procedures repeatedly
  • Veins are compressible using mild pressure
  • Users can simulate arterial pulsation manually via the included hand bulb
  • Ultrasound model comes prefilled with Blue Phantom Ultrasound Refill Solution offering positive fluid flow in the vessels
  • The arterial line is pre-filled with red refill solution (BRS180-Red) and the venous line is pre-filled with blue refill solution (BRS181-Blue) to allow for easy identification and differentiation of veins vs. arteries
  • Convenient QuickFill™ Tubes allow users to easily refill the training model vessels
  • Purchase  includes one extra 235ml bottle of both Red Ultrasound Refill Solution (BRS180-Red) and Blue Ultrasound Refill Solution (BRS181-Blue)
  • Purchase includes a sturdy base and thermoform plastic shell to protect the mannequin when not in use
  • No special storage requirements; the training model includes a thermoform plastic shell to offer extra protection during transport or storage
  • Patented technology
  • Made in the USA
Package includes:
  • Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Model
  • Thermoform Plastic Storage Shell
  • Blue Ultrasound Refill Solution (235 mls bottle)
  • Red Ultrasound Refill Solution (235 mls bottle)
  • User Guide CD