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Blue Phantom Gen II PICC w/IV & Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Model Arm

Part Number: BPA304-HP
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Blue Phantom Gen II PICC w/IV & Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Model Arm at heartsmart.com
Blue Phantom Gen II PICC w/IV & Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Model Arm

Blue Phantom Gen II PICC w/IV & Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Model Arm

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The Blue Phantomâ„¢ Second Generation PICC with IV and Arterial Training Model has been created to assist in developing and practicing skills associated with ultrasound-guided PICC line placement, arterial line placement, and peripheral IV access. This Arterial, IV, and PICC training model is designed to assist users in learning to place needles, guidewires, and catheters in the brachial vein, basilic vein, radial artery, ulnar artery, and superficial veins using ultrasound or x-ray guidance.

A nice feature found on the Second Generation PICC with IV and Arterial Ultrasound Training Model is the inclusion of an ultrasound capable chest that contains the superior vena cava and subclavian vein that has been designed to allow users to verify correct catheter placement. Along with ultrasound, correct catheter placement can also be verified using an x-ray.

Blue Phantom's proprietary simulated human tissue is a very realistic and ultra-durable venous access model and is excellent for training clinicians in the psychomotor skills needed for ultrasound-guided venous and arterial access procedures. Ultrasound imaging skills include using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and movement, recognition of arterial and venous anatomy, using ultrasound to target the appropriate vessels for cannulation, and using ultrasound to guide venous access and arterial access procedures in the arm.

Blue Phantom's self-healing tissue will allow users to repeatedly perform ultrasound-guided peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) insertions, ultrasound-guided arterial line placements, and using ultrasound imaging to guide IV insertions which can be useful with patients who have veins that are difficult to access using traditional blind insertion techniques. You will get unmatched durability from tissue and vessels. This ultrasound training mannequin has been constructed using Blue Phantomâ„¢ patented ultra-durable tissue and is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue. Our self-healing tissue can withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts.

This model offers the vascular anatomy of the entire arm including the brachial artery, brachial and basilic veins, radial artery, ulnar artery, medial cubital vein, and the cephalic vein. Perfect for new users as well as more experienced users who wish to refine their vascular access procedural skills, the vessels in this ultrasound-guided venous access and arterial access medical training mannequin can be accessed with needles as well as the capability to have fluid injected into the model to verify needle tip location. Positive fluid flow in the vessels gives users immediate feedback when vessels are accessed. The arterial pulse can be palpated and visualized under ultrasound with the included hand bulb. The chest piece vascular anatomy contains the superior vena cava and subclavian vein.

  • Specifically designed to train ultrasound-guided PICC placement, ultrasound-guided IV placement and ultrasound-guided arterial line placement
  • Verify correct catheter placement with ultrasound or X-ray
  • Made with Blue Phantomâ„¢'s ultra-durable SimulexUSâ„¢ tissue which is self-healing to prevent leaks and able to last over 1,000 needle cannulations
  • Designed to match the acoustic properties of human tissue; will work with any ultrasound system
  • Pulsating arteries via included hand-bulb
  • User-replaceable tissue inserts
Vascular Anatomy Includes:
  • Cephalic Vein
  • Radial Vein
  • Basilic Vein
  • Ulnar Vein
  • Medial Cubital Vein
  • Brachial  Artery
  • Radial Artery
  • Ulnar Artery
  • Superior Vena Cava & Subclavian Vein (To verify catheter placement)
Package includes:
  • Second Generation PICC & IV/Arterial Line Ultrasound Training Arm
  • Subclavian/SVC Ultrasound Chest
  • Thermoformed Plastic Base
  • 235mL bottle of RED Ultrasound Refill Fluid
  • 235mL bottle of BLUE Ultrasound Refill Fluid
Alternate Part Number(s): ARES-100, ARES-200, ARES-300