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Blue Phantom™ Gen II Transparent Central Line Replacement Tissue

Part Number: BPH667-C
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Blue Phantom™ transparent central line training model replacement tissue insert is designed for use with the 2nd Generation central line training model (BPH660 series). This tissue insert is compatible with both Hand Pump (Part Number BPH660-HP) and Automated Pump (Part Number BPH660-AP) configurations. The internal anatomy can be imaged by ultrasound as well as also being visible to the naked eye. The replacement tissue has been engineered using the new LifeCast™ modeling approach, the external landmarks were cast from a live human while the internal anatomy is based on digital human files, resulting in the most realistic central line training model available anywhere.

This ultra-durable transparent replacement tissue module is constructed using Blue Phantom patented SimulexUS™ tissue technology, and matches the acoustic characteristics of human tissue. Designed for repeated use, this central line replacement tissue offers users superb realism at a low cost of ownership.