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What is the difference between the HeartSine samaritan 350P/360P/450P?

When it comes to finding the right AED for your business, it’s important to learn everything you can about the device you’re interested in before making your purchase. Different manufacturers design their AEDs with distinct types of rescuers in mind, resulting in a variety of characteristics and features among these life-saving devices.

Occasionally, when a manufacturer designs a specific model, they create multiple options to tailor the devices even more to the needs of the rescuers. Today, we’re going to be discussing the HeartSine samaritan AED models and how they differ from each other to help you through your purchasing journey when buying a HeartSine samaritan AED.

HeartSine samaritan AED Comparison

As highlighted throughout this article, all three HeartSine samaritan AED models offer excellent benefits and features that are consistent in each model. Use the chart below to discover what features make these three models different.


HeartSine samaritan 350P HeartSine samaritan 360P HeartSine samaritan Pad 450P
Semi vs. Fully-automatic Semi-automatic Fully-automatic Semi-automatic
Coaching-type Passive CPR coaching Passive CPR coaching Responsive CPR coaching
Aviation capability Aviation options available Aviation options available Aviation options available
Price $1,485 $1,738 $1,854


To learn more about the different features of the HeartSine samaritan 350P, 360P, and 450P, visit the HeartSine Product Comparison Chart.

What makes HeartSine samaritan AEDs unique?

The HeartSine samaritan AEDs are one of the lightest and smallest FDA-approved AED machines in the market. Weighing just 2.4 lbs and H”xW’xD” just 8.0”x”7.25”x1.9,” this device is so compact that it can fit just about anywhere.

Whether you’re looking to easily transport it to outdoor events or need to store it in small, tight spaces, the HeartSine samaritan AEDs make a perfect device for schools, offices, businesses, and even home use.


More Details about HeartSine samaritan AEDs:

  • 8-year warranty
  • Fully & semi-automatic options
  • Joule output ranges from 150J to 200J
  • Highest durability on the market with ingress protection rate of 56
  • 4-year electrode pads and battery standby lifespan
  • Passive & responsive CPR feedback available.
  • Aviation options available


HeartSine samaritan 350P

The HeartSine samaritan 350P is the semi-automatic version of this device, meaning the device will prompt the rescuer to initiate a shock to the victim if one is needed. When a shock is required, the rescuer must then press the orange heart-shaped shock button to deliver the shock.

Even though semi-automatic devices can be used by anyone, they may be extra beneficial for trained rescuers or healthcare professionals. The HeartSine samaritan 350P is the most affordable option out of these three models, coming in at $1,485.

HeartSine samaritan 360P

The HeartSine samaritan 360P AED is similar to the HeartSine samaritan 350P, but this device comes in fully automatic mode. The way this fully automatic version works is that it delivers a shock if needed without the rescuer having to press a button.

From a visual standpoint, you will be able to tell the difference between the semi-automatic (350P) and fully automatic (360P) versions by looking for a button. If the device has a heart-shaped shock button, then it is semi-automatic and requires a push for shock. The fully automatic does not have a button. Instead, it has a lightning bolt that symbolizes the shock is automatic. The fully automatic (360P) is a little bit more expensive than the semi-automatic (350P), which is priced at $1,738.

Fully-automatic HeartSine samaritan 360P

Semi-automatic HeartSine samaritan 350P

HeartSine samaritan 450P

The HeartSine samaritan 450P has all the same great features and benefits as the 350P/360P with the added benefit of the CPR Rate Advisor. The CPR Rate Advisor gives audible and visual guidance to assist the rescuer in performing CPR at the proper rate.

The AED will announce if the rescuer needs to push faster, push slower, or “good speed” if the rate is correct. The CPR rate gauge on the 450P gives real-time visual guidance on the rate of compressions. For just a little bit of a higher price point, coming in at $1,854, you get yourself a built-in CPR coach!


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