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Prepare for the School Year with These Safety Must-Haves

As the new school year approaches, the anticipation of new beginnings, learning, and growth fills the air. While the focus is often on curriculum, extracurricular activities, and building relationships, it is equally important to focus on the safety and well-being of students and staff.

From stocking classrooms with life-saving equipment to implementing safety protocols, Heartsmart is here to teach you how schools can ensure the safety and protection of their beloved community. The Center of Disease Control (CDC) emphasizes the need for schools to have emergency plans to prevent injuries, and accidents and provide guidance on what to do during an emergency. 

What is Emergency Preparedness in Schools? 

For minor medical incidents to potentially life-threatening situations, schools need to be prepared for various scenarios that may arise throughout the school year. An emergency preparedness plan is a written plan that outlines the protocols, procedures, and strategies in place to help guide students and staff on how to respond to various situations. Whether it’s a sudden cardiac arrest emergency, minor injuries, bleeding emergencies, or even choking incidents, schools can equip themselves with these tools to handle emergency situations promptly and effectively. Let’s walk through which items your school may need to add to its emergency preparedness program. 

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

Sudden cardiac arrest can strike anyone, regardless of age or health history. An AED is a portable device that can analyze a heart rhythm and deliver a shock to a person’s chest if needed to help restore their heart to a normal rhythm. School AEDs significantly increase the chances of survival from an SCA event. You can learn more about implementing a successful AED program for your school here at

The ZOLL AED PLUS School Community Value Package is an excellent choice for schools needing an AED for their emergency preparedness plan. This package provides everything from AED resources, CPR-D-padz for adults and children, and a wall cabinet, help to ensure that schools are well-prepared to handle cardiac emergencies. 

ZOLL AED Plus School & Community Value Package


First Aid Kit 

Accidents happen, especially in busy environments like school settings. Having a first aid kit readily available allows for immediate response to minor injuries such as cuts, scrapes, or burns. Quick access to bandages, ointments, and medications can help limit pain, prevent infections, and provide fast care until medical help can arrive if necessary.

The First Aid Only Smart Compliance ANSI A+ Kit w/o Medications in Large Metal Cabinet is a reliable solution that meets ANSI standards. With a wide range of medications, bandages, and medical supplies, this kit ensures that injuries can be promptly treated. By having first aid available, schools can address minor injuries effectively, reducing the risk of complications and promoting a safe learning environment. 

Smart Compliance ANSI A+ Kit w/o Medications 


Stop the Bleed Kit 

Uncontrolled severe bleeding can be life-threatening if not addressed promptly. A Stop the Bleed kit can help students and staff take the appropriate action before medical services can arrive. By having the necessary supplies, such as a tourniquet, compression bandages, trauma shears, etc., schools can help save lives if a critical bleeding incident were to occur. Learn more about school bleed kit requirements

The Curaplex Basic Stop the Bleed Kit 4-Pack is specifically designed to provide immediate response and control bleeding by including all of the essentials conveniently packed into one portable case. 

Curaplex Basic Stop the Bleed Kit 4-Pack


Choking Emergency Response

Choking incidents can occur anywhere, including a school cafeteria! Children can naturally pose as vulnerable to a choking accident due to their smaller airways that can become more easily blocked by food and objects. It’s vital for schools to have safety protocols in place to minimize the risk of choking. 

Some Cafeteria Safety Protocols include:


In certain situations, where traditional methods are ineffective, devices like the LifeVac can be a valuable choking aid. The LifeVac School Kit is a kit of a non-invasive suction device that can be a valuable addition to any school’s emergency response plan, providing an extra layer of protection against choking emergencies. 

LifeVac School Kit 


CPR/AED Training 

Teachers, staff, and even students would benefit from receiving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and an automated external defibrillator (AED) to have the skills to respond promptly to critical situations that could potentially save lives. Without immediate help, sudden cardiac arrest can cause brain damage and even death within minutes. Having the confidence and knowledge as to what to do can help students and teachers act fast. 

The American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid certification is a virtual training course that can certify teachers and staff in CPR. This course teaches them how to administer life-saving techniques to help promote a better outcome during emergencies. By requiring teachers and staff to take part in this training, schools can create a safer environment and give confidence to rescuers if an emergency were to arise. 

American Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Certification 


Equipping schools with these safety products is necessary to ensure emergency preparedness. While we hope you never have to face an emergency situation, being prepared can save lives. By investing in these essential safety must-haves, schools demonstrate their commitment to creating a safe environment for their student and staff. 


Do you know if your state requires AEDs & Bleeding Control Kits? Read Is it Required for My School to Have AEDs & Bleeding Control Kits? to find out! 


Let Heartsmart be your community’s ally in building a heart-safe environment! Contact us via our Contact Us Form or call 800-422-8129 if you have questions about which products suit your school.

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