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 Can I Afford an AED? 

Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are life-saving devices that can significantly increase the chances of survival during a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency. While AEDs’ importance in a public space is evident, one common concern for many individuals, organizations, and businesses considering purchasing an AED is the initial cost and maintenance costs of the AED machine itself. 

Let’s explore the costs involved in owning an AED to see if affording these life-saving units are in your budget or if alternative options for acquiring an AED may be helpful. 


Budgeting for an AED 

Budgeting for an AED and its costs may require some planning. It’s important to consider all the costs for a device as many AED unit components need updating or maintenance, which is not free. Consider the following expenses when creating a budget for your AED.


AED Purchase

The initial cost of an AED is typically the most significant expense. A brand-new AED can range from $1,200 to $3,200, depending on the make and model. WIFI, aviation capabilities, ECG displays, and USB memory technology are all features that can raise the price of a device. 

If you want to purchase a new AED, our advice would be to lay out the features and benefits you are looking for and find the device that best fits your needs. Read through our AED Buyer’s Guide for more information on AED features, options, and pricing. 

AED Maintenance

Regular maintenance costs are unavoidable as maintenance ensures the proper functioning and upkeep of your AED. Maintenance costs may include routine inspections, testing, software updates, and repairs. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the maintenance of your device. 


Pads and Battery Replacement

AED pads and batteries have a limited lifespan and must be replaced periodically, even if unused. The pads typically need replacement every 2-5 years, depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations, while batteries generally last 2-7 years. 


Training and Certification

While budgeting, consider the training and certification fees. For the employees or managers in charge of maintaining the AED, proper training on CPR and AED use can ensure your staff is confident when operating the device. Training programs, certifications, and re-certifications can add up quickly if you plan on certifying multiple employees, so it’s essential to have a budget set aside. 

Affordable AED Options 

If purchasing a brand new AED is not possible with your budget, several alternative options, such as recertified AEDs, discounts and promotional offers, and fixed payment plans, are worth exploring. 


Recertified AEDs

Recertified AEDs are pre-owned devices that have gone through a 10-point series of checks and have been professionally refurbished to meet the manufacturer’s standards. A pre-owned unit can provide a cost-effective solution without compromising quality or functionality. 


Many refurbished AEDs, such as the Recertified Cardiac Science PowerHeart G3 Plus Fully-Automatic AED, are upgraded with the latest software, equipped with a fresh set of adult electrode pads and batteries, and given a 3-year AED warranty. 

Although you must still consider the maintenance cost of pads and batteries and CPR/AED training, a recertified AED can cut the initial cost of purchasing this device in half!  


Discounts and Promotions 

Discounts on AEDs and their accessories are a great way to save some extra money. Heartsmart offers monthly promotions on the home page, our coupon page, and weekly/daily discounts for those who sign up for our newsletter. There are also promotions that get posted on our Facebook and Instagram social pages. Stay connected with us to get all of the latest deals! 

Remember, it’s best to shop in bulk when purchasing extra accessories, as shipping costs can be unnecessary. Purchasing all the accessories you need at once to make your shopping cart over $99 can activate free shipping on your order.  

While budgeting your costs associated with a large purchase like an AED should be considered carefully, it’s important to remember there are many options available to make it more affordable. Whether you purchase a new or recertified AED or explore discounts and promotions, you’ll be glad you invested in this life-saving device. 

Saving lives shouldn’t break the bank, and they don’t have to when you consider one of our budget-friendly options. Have questions? Contact us at 800-422-8129 or fill out our contact us form

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