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AHA 2020 BLS Course Videos on USB Drive

Part Number: 20-1156
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AHA 2020 BLS Course Videos on USB Drive at heartsmart.com
AHA 2020 BLS Course Videos on USB Drive

AHA 2020 BLS Course Videos on USB Drive

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Featuring the same content as the BLS Provider Course DVD Set and ACLS Provider Course Digital Videos!
Please note: This item is not for International use; it is intended for U.S. use only.

The BLS Provider Course Videos on USB has the same content as the BLS Provider Course DVD Set and BLS Provider Course Digital Videos. With the convenience of the USB digital format, it provides the required video segments for the classroom-based and blended learning options of the BLS Provider Course. The USB drive allows instructors to access course videos without an internet connection.

The BLS Provider Course Videos on USB was designed to be used by a single AHA BLS Instructor for teaching the BLS Provider and BLS Renewal courses, and to conduct skills practice and testing sessions for HeartCode® BLS. Instructors can choose which version of the course they wish to teach from the included dropdown menu.

The BLS Course trains the participants to save the lives of victims in cardiac arrest by performing high-quality CPR. The AHA has designed the BLS Course to instruct healthcare professionals on how to perform high-quality CPR individually or as part of a team. BLS skills can be applied to any healthcare setting. The BLS course includes rescue techniques for adults, children, and infants.

Course Learning Objectives:
After successfully completing the BLS Course, students should be able to:
  • Describe the importance of high-quality CPR and its impact on survival.
  • Describe all of the steps of the Chain of Survival and apply the BLS concepts of the Chain of Survival.
  • Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR.
  • Perform high-quality CPR for adults, children, and infants.
  • Describe the importance of early use of an AED and demonstrate its use.
  • Provide effective ventilations by using a barrier device.
  • Describe the importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation and perform as an effective team member during multi-rescuer CPR.
  • Describe the technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction (choking) for adults and infants.
Product Technical Specifications:
  • This USB drive is compatible with Windows and Mac computers with standard USB-A ports.
  • Newer Chromebooks with the ability to download apps from Google Play are also supported.
  • Smart TVs are not supported.
  • A USB hub or adapter may be used with computers that have USB-C ports.
  • There is no need to download or purchase other software to operate the USB drive unless you are using a Chromebook.
  • The USB drive must remain inserted to access course videos.
  • Videos are Full HD 1080p.
  • Some companies may have IT policies that don’t allow the use of external drives or may block the use of the Flux Player software on this drive. Consult your IT department if this is a concern for you.