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AHA 2020 ACLS Posters

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AHA 2020 ACLS Posters at heartsmart.com
AHA 2020 ACLS Posters
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Now in stock!!!

Now in stock!!!

The AHA’s ALCS Posters are updated to reflect the new science in the 2020 American Heart Association Guidelines Update for CPR and Emergency Cardiovascular Care (2020 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC).

These posters are to be used in ACLS classes and can serve as quick reference tools in many healthcare settings such as emergency departments and critical care units.

Intended Audience:
These posters are for ACLS Instructors or healthcare professionals involved in the management of cardiopulmonary arrest or other cardiovascular emergencies. This includes personnel in emergency response, emergency medicine, intensive care and critical care units such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, and others.

Posters measure 33.5"L x 22"W and include one of each of the following posters:
  • Cardiac Arrest Algorithm
  • Cardiac Arrest Circular Algorithm
  • Immediate Post-Cardiac Arrest Care Algorithm
  • Bradycardia With a Pulse Algorithm
  • Tachycardia With a Pulse Algorithm
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes Algorithm
  • Suspected Stroke Algorithm
  • BLS Healthcare Provider Algorithm
  • Relationship of 12-Lead ECG to Coronary Artery Anatomy