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AHA 2015 Infant CPR Anytime - English/Spanish

Part Number: 15-1013
AHA 2015 Infant CPR Anytime - English/Spanish at heartsmart.com
AHA 2015 Infant CPR Anytime - English/Spanish

AHA 2015 Infant CPR Anytime - English/Spanish

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 2015 materials may not be used for AHA certification after June 1, 2021.

AHA 2015 CPR Anytime® for Infants is a convenient and easy-to-use package that offers everything people need to learn basic infant CPR skills anytime and anyplace, even in their own living rooms! This kit includes a DVD featuring the AHA's highly effective practice-while-watching video, an inflatable Mini Baby® personal infant CPR manikin, a CPR reminder card, a replacement manikin lung, 2 manikin wipes, and instructions for use. This kit also features English and Spanish options on the DVD and the reference materials.

Course Overview

The AHA 2015 Infant CPR Anytime all-in-one training package teaches these basic skills in about 20 minutes:
  • Infant CPR
  • Infant choking relief
Key Features and Benefits:
  • CPR Anytime is flexible and can be used by individuals at home or by multiple people in a group setting. 
  • The innovative self-directed "watch-and-do" format keeps people engaged in learning.
  • Kits are easy to share with family members and friends to increase the number of people who can perform CPR in an emergency.
Note: CPR Anytime does not lead to certification.

Dimensions and Specifications

The package includes:
  • Infant CPR Anytime DVD with English and Spanish options (running time: approx. 20 minutes)
  • Skills Reminder Card with information in English and Spanish
  • Mini Baby® personal CPR manikin
  • Mini Baby replacement lung
  • 2 manikin wipes
  • Instructions in English and Spanish

Additional Supplies Needed for Operation:
  • DVD player
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