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AeraMax PRO AM 4/4S Air Purifier by Fellowes

Part Number: 94
AeraMax PRO AM 4/4S Air Purifier by Fellowes at heartsmart.com

AeraMax PRO AM 4/4S Air Purifier by Fellowes

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The AeraMax PRO AM 4 has been designed to be mounted on a wall or located on a stand. This is the largest of the Fellowes commercial-grade air purification systems and will deliver an air change every 20 minutes in rooms up to 1100 square feet. You may use multiple units for larger spaces making it the perfect solution for open office layouts, large conference rooms, and many large shared air spaces. Five-year manufacturer's warranty. The AeraMax PRO AM 4 is also available with the optional PureView™ system.

The AeraMax PRO AM 4 Air Purifier is available with a wall-mount or a stand. Select your preferred configuration set-up by using the dropdown window above.

Fellowes Brands is a fourth-generation global family business established in 1917. Fellowes has been creating innovative solutions that promote inspiration, functionality, and well-being throughout the workplace environment. The AeraMax brand provides specialty air purification services and they possess the expertise to ensure your people can operate, perform, and feel their best, which gives them the confidence to allow them to prosper.

The AeraMax Professional four-stage filtration process uses these proven methods to effectively clean the air:
  1. A pre-filter that captures large particles and contaminants and helps protect the lifespan of the other filters.
  2. An active carbon filtration adsorbs odors and VOCs from the air.
  3. The True HEPA filter captures and traps 99.97% of airborne particles.* Anti-microbial treatment on the HEPA filter effectively reduces the development of bacteria and fungi on the filter.
  4. The PlasmaTrue™ Bipolar Ionizer improves the capture efficiency of the particulate filter.
(* Verified HEPA capture efficiency at 0.3 microns.)

Patented EnviroSmart™ Technology uses dual self-regulating laser sensors to measure sound, motion, and air quality. This technology means that AeraMax Professional works hard when it needs to, and shifts to standby when possible, saving energy and extending filter lifespan. There are two sensing modes:
  • Normal Mode: automatically adjusts between all fan speeds to control air quality (ideal for most shared spaces).
  • Quiet Mode: uses quieter fan speeds when the space is occupied and all fan speeds when space is unoccupied (ideal where noise could be a concern).
The AeraMax Professional was designed to seamlessly integrate into your facility’s environment. All models are wall-mountable, unobtrusive, and aesthetically pleasing, so you can provide worry-free air purification wherever it’s needed most.

Alternate Part Number(s):
9416301, 9451201