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AED Medical Direction

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Whats Included:

"Medical Direction," also known as "physician oversight" or "medical oversight," encompasses the involvement of a licensed physician in an AED program to ensure optimal success of the program and compliance with a variety of AED program components. It is a risk mitigation measure to ensure a sound, well planned and implemented AED program is established. AED program components consist of:

Site Analysis- This component ensures that the AED is installed in a central, easy to access location that enables the response time to be less than 3 minutes. Evaluating building plans, obstacles and risk factors to ensure proper number of AEDs are purchased/placed.

EMS Registration- This component ensures that the AED has been registered with the nearest responding emergency services agency or vehicle dispatch center of the existence, location, and type of AED. Additionally, in some states, registration with a regional or state wide agency or database is required.

Written Policy & Procedures- This component ensures optimal program success with written documentation on the AED program outlining critical program components as well as the inclusion of an Internal Response Procedure.

Maintenance- This component ensures that the AED is maintained and tested according to the manufacturer's operational guidelines. This is also often a required measure to ensure manufacturer indemnification.

Setup and Training- This component ensures that the AED(s) have been properly set up through HeartSmartProMD and that any and all users of the system are trained accordingly.

Post-Event Review- This is likely the most valuable component to medical direction, but also hopefully the component rarely used. The physician will review ECG data stored on the AED after an event along with commentary from the event and complete a summary of the event (event review). The objective is to ensure the AED functioned correctly, the internal response procedures activated were prompt and accurate and provide any feedback to further optimize the AED program.

Program Management- This allows unlimited users to log-on through heartsmartproMD, a web-based platform to view, track and maintain your AED equipment as well as locations and personnel. Automated emails will alert you to regular maintenance, compliance issues and pads and battery expirations as well as personnel CPR training certification expirations.