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More than just Defibrillators

The ZOLL Plus AED and ZOLL AED Pro were designed with the philosophy that there is more to life saving than defibrillation, and that a defibrillator should be designed to help even when a patient does not require a shock. While other manufacturers have designed AEDs that repeat CPR commands, ZOLL has gone much farther and designed defibrillators that provide real CPR assistance.



The ZOLL AED Plus features trademarked Real CPR Help , a complete CPR feedback tool that will correct and reinforce your CPR technique. This device will tell you to push harder when you compression are too weak, provide a metronome to time your compressions, and even display the depth of your compression in real time. Along with the expediency for the ZOLL AED Plus’s one-piece electrode and complete Chain of Survival support, this AED is more than just a defibrillator, it is a complete lifesaving resource.


For professional rescuers in need of a more rugged defibrillator, the ZOLL AED Pro is rugged and portable enough to function in any environment. Along with Real CPR Help , this model also offers See-Thru CPR , which filters out noise and allows clinicians and rescuers to see the patient’s underlying cardiac rhythm even while compressions are being performed.

No matter what field you are in, when a cardiac emergency occurs, you are the first responder. You need more than just a defibrillator; you need a device that offers comprehensive emergency management, even if no shock is necessary.