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philips aed battery m5070a
Philips OnSite/FRx Replacement Battery
Our Price: $169.00

Replacement 4-year battery for Philips HeartStart OnSite/FRx
Philips FRx Aviation Battery
Philips FRx Aviation Battery
Our Price: $176.00

Philips FRx Aviation Battery
Philips FRx SMART Pads II
Philips FRx SMART Pads II
Our Price: $56.00

Philips FRx Replacement Pads - Adult

Philips FRx Infant/Child Key
Philips FRx Infant/Child Key
Our Price: $108.00

Philips FRx Infant/Child Key

Philips Heartstart FRX Accessories

To make sure your automatic external defibrillator is ready when you need it, keep it well maintained. Over time you will need to replace pads, batteries and other parts. Find the replacement parts you need here at Heart Smart including Philips FRx replacement batteries, Philips FRx replacement pads and Philips Heartstart infant keys.

Replace your AED pads after use and keep extras nearby. The Philips Heartstart FRX saves you money by allowing you to use the same size pad on an infant or adult. Purchase a Philips Heartstart infant key to use when treating someone under 55lbs or 8 years of age. When the infant key is inserted into the AED, defibrillation energy is reduced and instructions will be given for treating an infant.

Philips FRx Replacement Batteries

A typical AED battery has a shelf life of five years and a typical four years of installed life. Defibrillators should be stored with a replacement battery in case the current battery does not work or is drained when it is needed. If an automatic external defibrillator is being used frequently for training or demonstrations. If the AED will be used on an aircraft, we carry batteries that are made to be stored on aircraft.

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