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Philips AED Trainers

Training should be a part of any effective AED program. When you are looking to train several first responders, a Philips HeartStart Trainer is a solution offering flexibility and affordability. The AED Trainer gives voice commands that match the real defibrillator covering eight preconfigured real life scenarios that a responder could encounter. Included with the trainer is a reusable training pad and external manikin adapter.

Browse to find the AED trainer that fits the model you will be using. The Philips AED Trainer 2 simulates using the Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+ and the Philips AED Trainer 3 corresponds to the HeartStart FR3.

Additional training materials are also available including a quick reference guide to store with the automatic external defibrillator trainer, training manuals, pad placement guides, training tool kit, replacement training pads, and training pad cartridges.

Philips HeartStart OnSite Philips HeartStart FRx
Philips HeartStart FR3 Philips HeartStart FR2/FR2+
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