Smarttrac Tracking & Notification
AED Maintenance (Expiration Reminders and Product Software Updates)

Be assured when purchasing an AED from!
Heart Smart Technology is pleased to offer FREE Lifetime Tracking & Notification with every AED purchase.
What Is Lifetime Tracking & Notification?
Heart Smart will track the life of your AED for you. We will notify you of any manufacturer software updates and provide you with assistance in making sure your AED(s) is up to date. In addition to software updates, Heart Smart will keep track of the serial numbers on all your AEDs and expiration dates for your batteries and pads. We will send out reminder notifications to you via email/phone/mail to remind you of upcoming expirations. This will help to ensure that your AED is ready for use in case of an emergency.
NOTE: This Free service is only provided for AEDs purchased from Heart Smart Technology (
Heart Smart Medical Oversight and Program Management
If your business or organization would like full medical direction, program management and training, please
inquire within. Heart Smart provides turn-key solutions catered to fit your needs.(800) 422-8129
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