Please share your save stories with us!

With an effort to raise awareness, HeartSmart.com is pleased to recognize and honor each individual who has played a role in saving someone's life. Whether you performed CPR, used an AED, called for help, or just simply helped by raising awareness. we would love to hear your stories! (Photos will gladly be accepted!) In addition, please feel free to honor someone you know, who has played a role in saving a life. (If you would like to share a story but remain anonymous, no problem! Just let us know.)

To submit a story, please email heroes@heartsmart.com

*Please be advised, any stories shared may be posted on our "Heroes" Page, as well as our Facebook page.

August 10, 2012 Our featured HERO today is Laurieann from Western Maine Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association and her team for their support in Nicaragua. One of the AEDs was used in a code save! Congratulations Laurieann, and thank you for sharing the wonderful news! You're a HERO!