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AED Signs & Rescue Kits

AED Signs and Rescue Kits are an
important part of any AED program.

Each AED manufacturer offers AED signs and AED prep kits specific for each of their AEDs. In addition to the manufacturers AED signs and prep kits we offer the Heartsmart line of AED signs and AED prep kits which are universal and can be used with all AEDs.

AED signs and AED rescue kits ( also known as AED prep kits ) are important components for any AED program. AED signs help make sure any potential responders are aware of the AED and exactly where to find it. AED prep kits contain several useful tools to help a responder during a rescue including a breathing barrier, gloves, scissors, a razor and antiseptic wipes. Please contact us if you need help selecting the right AED signs or AED prep kits for your needs.